Artists' Sketchbooks

Artists A - F

The intimate sketchbooks of G. Braque.
(Braque, Georges)
ART Rare Folio NC 248 .B68 A46 1955

Ein Skizzenbuch.
(Busch, Wilhelm)
ART NC 257 .C27 A4 1997

Canaletto's sketchbook.
ART NC 1145 .B82 1952

The Roman sketchbook of Girolamo da Carpi.
(Canedy, Norman W.)
ART NC 257 .C34 C293

Seven journeys : the sketchbooks of Emily Carr.
(Shadbolt, Doris)
ART ND 249 .C3 S55 2002

Paul Cezanne, two sketchbooks.
(Cezanne, Paul)
ART NC 248 .C37 A4 1989

Paul Cezanne : the Basel sketchbooks.
(Cezanne, Paul)
ART NC 248 .C37 A4 1988

Paul Cezanne sketchbook 1875-1885.
(Cezanne, Paul)
ART Rare NC 248 .C37 A5313 1982

The sketchbook : a retrospective of people, places and things.
(Cober, Alan E)
ART NC 140 .C62 A4 1981

Stuart Davis sketchbooks.
(Davis, Stuart)
ART NC 139 .D333 A4 1986

A Degas Sketchbook.
(Armstrong, Carol)
ART NC 248 .D38 A4 2000

The human figure: the complete Dresden sketchbook.
(Durer, Albrecht)
ART NC251.D8 S75 1972

Artists G - N

Giacometti; a sketchbook of interpretive drawings.
(Giacometti, Alberto)
ART NC1135.G44 C3 1967

(Grant, Gordon)
ART NC1075.G68 A56

The sketchbooks of George Grosz.
(Grosz, George)
ART NC 251 .G66 A4 1993

The sketchbooks of Hiroshige.
ART ND2073.A48 A4 1984

Martha's Vineyard and other places : my third sketchbook from the summer of 1982.
(Hockney, David)
ART Rare Folio NC 242 .H59 A4 1985

The Hokusai sketchbooks; selections from the Manga.
( Hokusai)
ART NE1325.K3 M47

Brice Marden, Workbooks: 1964-1995.
(Marden, Brice)
ART NC 139 .M26 A4 1997

From the sketchbooks of the great artists.
(Marks, Claude)
ART NC 53 .M37 1972

The sketchbooks of Reginald Marsh.
(Marsh, Reginald)
ART NC 139 .M28 L36

Sara Midda's South of France: a Sketchbook
(Midda, Sara)
ART ND 1942 .M5A4 1990

The Dedalus sketchbooks.
(Motherwell, Robert)
ART NC 139 .M676 A4 1988

Alice Neel: Black and White.
ART NC139.N395 A4 2002

Artists O - Z

Samuel Palmer : the sketchbook of 1824
(Palmer, Samuel)
ART NC2 42.P3 A4 2005

Satiroplastic, drawings by Gary Panter
(Panter, Gary)
ART NC975.5.P365 A77 2005

Jules Pascin's Caribbean sketchbook.
(Pascin, Jules)
ART NC1075.P286 L4

(Picasso, Pablo)
ART Folio NC 248 .P5 A4 1960

Je suis le cahier: the sketchbooks of Pablo Picasso.
(Picasso, Pablo)
ART Folio N 6853 .P5 A4 1986

Egon Schiele Sketchbooks.
(Nebehay, Christian M. )
ART NC 245 .S34 N4313 1989

A sketchbook.
(Schiele, Egon)
ART NC1145.S35 A47 1967

Visions of India: the sketchbooks of William Simpson, 1859- 1862.
(Archer, Mildred. )
ART N 8214.5 .I5 A7 1986

Wayne Thiebaud: private drawings, the artist’s sketchbook.
(Thiebaud, Wayne)
ART NC 139 .T45 A4 1987

A Thomason sketchbook: drawings.
(Thomason, John W)
ART Folio NC1075.T48 R6

Turner’s early sketchbooks, Drawings in England, Wales, and Scotland from 1789 to 1802.
(Wilkinson, Gerald)
ART NC242.T9 B7 1972

Van Dyck's Antwerp sketchbook..
(Van Dyck, Anthony)
ART Folio NC1055.D95 J3

Seven sketchbooks of Vincent van Gogh
(Wolk, Johannes van der)
ART NC 263 .G56 W6513 1987

John Young: the sketchbooks.
(Yim, Susan)
ART N 6537 .Y685 A4 1998



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