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Dentistry and Dental Hygiene: Home

This guide provides access to relevant resources pertaining to Dentistry and Dental Hygiene. See tabs below to see lists of electronic books, databases and online links.


This is a guide to the library information and services available to the faculty and staff of the University of Louisville's School of Dentistry from the Kornhauser Health Sciences Library.  It was created by your librarian, Jill Sherman.  Please feel free to contact me to recommend changes, report broken links and suggest additions.  I am also interested in your suggestions for new books, journals and online resources. My goal is to make this guide as useful and as easy to use as possible.  My contact information is listed in the box to the right.

Your feedback is essential for making this happen.

Thank you.




Your librarian is

Vida Vaughn
Office: 502-852-5763


tel (502) 852-6757

fax (502) 852-8736